A collection of  vinyl from days gone by.  We use to ride around in our drummer Mike Samyn's 1960 red Ford Falcon listening to this stuff on 8 track carts back in the day.  Our band The 13th Music Exchange, later Total Energy (shades of the MC5) played all the tunes contained in the web site jukebox..  The band members were Servite High's Chuck "Les Paul" Gugel on Lead guitar, Finney's Mike "Barko" Samyn, Drums, Lakeshore's Mike "Duck" Cornwell, Keyboards,  Lakeshore's Al "The Italian" Nicodemi, Rhythm Guitar, Finney's Dennis "Ace O Bass" Pullin Bass Guitar, and myself on  Lead Vocals and Tenor Sax. Our 13th Music Exchange bass player  turned manager Robert "VW" Bolenberg aka RMB.  Props go out to Poor Mans Pride, The Collection, The Uniroyals, aka Dallas and Brother Bob Hodge and all of the garage bands of the day, Rock and Roll Never Forgets.  You must have Macromedia flash to listen to the jukebox, it is a free download.  To advance through the songs click on the forward arrow not the LP covers.